Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 69/365 March 10th

One of Dr. Hubby's patients brought his a raisin pie to thank him for taking care of her husband.

Day 68/365 March 9th

Cutie attended Kindergarten registration. She is so excited to ride the bus next year with Wild Child!

Day 67/365 March 8th

Manga Dork celebrated Mardi Gras at the high school.

Day 66/365 March 7th

This morning Wild Child woke up with a fever. This meant a day full of laying around, watching cartoons, and eating popsicles.

Day 65/365 March 6th

A very bad iPhone photo. Wild Child was falling asleep in the Aztec Mexican Restaurant while eating. Hilarious. Too much partying for her!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 64/365 March 5th

Wild Child and Cutie had their first sleepover tonite. Their friends Abby and Ashton were lots of fun!

Day 63/365 March 4th

Happy Birthday to my favorite 6 year old!

Day 62/365 March 3rd

Now I just have to make a great birthday party out of all this stuff!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 61/365 March 2nd

Today was "P" day at school. They had a pajama party! Cutie wore her Tinkerbell pjs and slippers {minus the "bappy" in her mouth}.

Day 60/365 March 1st

Loading the dishwasher...not a favorite chore. But WAY easier than doing them all by hand!

Day 59/365 February 28th

Cutie loves to cuddle up on Daddy while he reads the sale papers.

Day 58/365 February 27th

Wild Child brought me this note today and said, "Look at the note Justin Bieber signed for me." She said he came in her window last night and she gave him flowers out of her back pocket. Then he signed this paper for her and left. Her first celebrity crush...

Day 57/365 February 26th

Today we took Wild Child to the party store to choose the theme for her 6th birthday party. She fell in love with the Justin Bieber stuff! The pinata was her favorite item!

Day 56/365 February 25th

10 Foods That Are Always In Our Fridge

1. Milk
2. Soda
3. Bologna
4. Juice
5. Apples
6. Mustard
7. Pickles
8. Ketchup
9. Grape Jelly
10. Salad Dressing

Day 55/365 February 24th

Cutie and Toby the Shih Tzu love to curl up in the "big white blanket" to watch tv in the afternoon.

Day 54/365 February 23rd

Mama Cuba surprised us with a bag of jelly beans...a sure sign that spring is right around the corner!

Day 53/365 February 22nd

No school today because of snow, but thanks to my new scents from Bath and Body Works it is smelling alot like SUMMER in the house!